Why are media, advertisers, and influencers worldwide turning to OrangeBee Media Group to convert their potential assets into real assets? 

Maybe it is because they pay us nothing unless we get them additional sales.

Maybe it is because they know we have been doing this since 1989 and will always go that extra mile (or ten if necessary) not to just get them additional sales but to get them what they want in return.

Maybe it is because they know OrangeBee Media Group is the only worldwide Media site that will expand their sales. And they will be able to acquire merchandise and services that have not been previously available.

We understand that the media industry is constantly changing, and we recognize the value of your assets.

At OBMG, we greatly need various forms of media and advertising for our members, and we want to help fulfill their needs, we are excited to offer the following special benefits:

1. Join OBMG and gain access to exclusive additional sales.

2. If your media is in high demand and your volume is substantial, we are happy to offer an alternative to cash fees. Instead, all your fees will be paid in OBMG, which will come from the additional sales we send you. But you will still enjoy all the privileges as cash-paying members.

3. Exchange your media for Debit Cards with a merchant and list them for sale with OBMG. When sold, that amount will be credited to your OBMG bank account, which you can use for purchases from OBMG members worldwide.  With each purchase, you will save your cash, thus turning your vanishing assets into cash.

4. Most of you probably know that a Clearwater, Florida radio station, WQT, started Home Shopping Network (HSN) in 1977. The owner, Bud Paxton, exchanged advertising for can openers and sold them on the station. That concept was so successful that Bud soon expanded to exchanging more advertising for other products. In 1982, the station changed its name to Home Shopping Network and began broadcasting 24 hours a day.

It's not uncommon for businesses to offer merchandise or other incentives in exchange for advertising or promotion but refuse the offer.

Well, no more. Now, you can accept the offer and list it for sale on OBMG. In addition, if the products or services are of great enough value, you can list them as part OBMG and part cash.

For example, a TV station owner accepted $20,000 in roofing materials in exchange for advertising. They could have listed it for 100% OBMG, but they wanted to do an OBMG cash conversion.

They sold it for $10,000 OBMG and $10,000 cash. The TV station received $8,000 of the cash and $5,000 of the OBMG.

Gee, what happened here? The TV station turned a potential vanishing asset of $20,000 into $8,000 cash in their cash bank account and $5,000 in their OBMG bank account. Just what is there not to love about OBMG? 

We are committed to building a long-lasting partnership with you and helping you succeed in the competitive world of media. Thank you for considering OBMG as your trusted partner.

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No matter which of these describes you: CTV, OTT, OOH, Newspapers, Magazines (online or print), Radio Stations (local, national, online, or broadcast), Podcasts, Media Brokers, or any that we have left off, this is for you.
According to Statista, in 2021, advertisers spent more than $285 billion U.S. dollars on advertising just in the United States. And I understand even more than that went unsold.

We assume that everyone in media and advertising knows they are dealing with a vanishing asset.
For instance, if you own a TV Station and are selling your 30-second spots for $500.00, and at 11:00 AM, you have an open slot that is a potential asset of $500.00.

But if you do not sell it, at 11:01 AM, that potential asset has vanished, never to come again.

That is true for TV, Radio stations, etc.

If you publish a magazine, newspaper, etc., and sell your full-page ads for $ 3,000.00, and you just put your February issue to bed, the $3,000.00 is a potential asset.

But once you send the materials to the printer without that ad, that potential asset of $3,000.00 has vanished, never to come again. That is true for any print advertising.

Is there anything you can do to prevent this potential asset from vanishing?

Yes! Just join OrangeBee Media Group, and we will stop your potential asset from vanishing.

With all the new types of advertising, most local, national, and international media outlets are experiencing a decline in sales. They are searching for new ways to turn their potential sales into additional income.
It is apparent to everyone involved in media that many advertisers want to buy their advertising, but many do not have the money to do so.
How can we make it easier for them to advertise when they are constantly worried about their cash flow?
OrangeBee Media Group successfully addresses the media outlet's and advertiser's needs and desires.
At the OrangeBee Media Group, we know that most media companies do some barter.

Various media companies specialize in bartering media inventory for products and services and using a cash/barter blend to accomplish their desired results.

However, to our knowledge, no other firm uses the unique OrangeBee Media Group approach.

OrangeBee Media Group will consolidate local, national, and international media all in one place.
That will make it easy to place a fantastic media promotion far exceeding anything otherwise available today.
With this, we can acquire products and services for which media outlets are currently spending cash, thus saving that cash.
We will be able to acquire accommodations on a national basis at a fair price for use by media outlets.
They can use these for their firm to save the cash they would typically spend, or they can offer them as part of an advertising package to sweeten their offer to prospective advertisers.

Media inventory on this scale equals unlimited possibilities!

OrangeBee Media Group will utilize OrangeBee Money Global "OBMG," an online bank, for all listings, transactions, etc.
Since 1989, OBMG has GUARANTEED additional sales for select businesses and professionals and income for people worldwide, regardless of the state of the economy.
There is no upfront cost, no cost of a lifetime membership, and no cost ever unless we deliver new customers who will purchase your advertising. 

OBMG also helps the unemployed and school and college students earn additional income and pay no cash fees.

To summarize, you list your media with OrangeBee Media Group at no cost, and we will find new additional buyers for your media.
OrangeBee Media Group sales will always be additional, never replacing your cash sales.
This is to ensure this, or a modified version appears on all advertisers' OBMG Market Place listings.

"Special Conditions: The publisher must approve all advertising, and none will be accepted from anyone who has advertised with us within the last 90 days or is in current talks about advertising."

Need an additional credit line?

How about one that you never have to worry about paying back?

When OrangeBee Media Group loans OBMG money, they will only get paid back if they send them additional sales with the amount applied toward paying off the loan.
Try that with your current bank!

Just what is there not to love about OBMG?

OBMG operates internationally but is personable and operates as a great big family, with each family member helping other members. And the more OBMG members, the greater value OBMG money has and the more people OBMG can help. After all, every OBMG member wants more sales, income, money, and places to spend their OBMG money.

In line with its community-driven culture, OBMG avoids advertising expenditures in favor of sharing cash broker fees with its members to help grow OBMG. This ingenious strategy incentivizes member participation and ensures that currency circulation remains robust and dynamic.
OBMG offers an attractive proposition for those looking to build their own financially self-sustainable local Neighborhood. When they sign new members and broker them, they will receive seventy percent (70%) of cash broker fees received from them, creating a potent source of cash income. Oh yes, they can sign up OBMG members worldwide and work wherever and whenever they wish.  
Through this collaborative effort, OBMG will create a thriving, financially self-sustaining economic neighborhood that empowers its members financially.
Learned enough? This is a no-brainer. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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